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H/Ice Cream Wars

Ice Cream Wars

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Ice Cream Wars is a sweet chemistry lesson where Lehigh Valley businesses turn their original recipes into delicious ice cream treats. Science Center visitors can taste all of the unique flavors and cast a vote to help decide who will become the next Ice Cream Wars Champion.

Ice Cream Wars Memories

Ice Cream Wars Champions

2023: Alvin H. Butz Construction Manager
Concrete Crunch: Whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, Chocolate Oreos, Golden Oreos, vanilla extract

2020: B Braun
Ninja Turtle: Pistachio ice cream, Heath Bar, caramel, fudge

2019: B104
Dirt Ice Cream: Whole milk, chocolate milk, heavy cream, instant pudding mix, sugar, vanilla, Oreo cookie crumbs, gummy worms

2018: B104
Frozen Hot Chocolate: Whole milk, chocolate milk, heavy cream, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, vanilla, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, mini marshmallows

2017: Air Products
Chocolate Dusted Banana – Half and half, heavy cream, sugar, banana, dark chocolate, vanilla, egg, hot fudge

2016: B. Braun
Salted Sea Caramel – Sea salt, caramel, crushed caramel candies

2015: ATAS International
Leonardo da Minty – Brownies, mint M&M candies, mint chocolate flavoring

2014: 401! Creative
Four-Oh-Waffle – Mini chocolate chips, bite-sized waffles, maple syrup, strawberries

2013: PPL Corporation
Coal Cookie Crunch – Vanilla, Oreo cookies, chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream

2012: 401! Creative
Strawberry Cookie Crunch – Vanilla, fresh strawberries, red food coloring, Oreo cookies

2011: Daddy and the Three Js, Da Vinci Science Center
Rainbow Ripple – Oreo cookies, food coloring, and caramel

2010: Bean Town Brats, Da Vinci Science Center
Oreo Cheesecake – Oreo cookies, strawberry cheesecake

2009: Vanilla Ice, Da Vinci Science Center
Cool Vanilla – Vanilla extract