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Jul 22
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Leonardo Society Members

The Leonardo Society celebrates individuals who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the general operations of Da Vinci Science Center and/or the Linny Fowler STEAM Scholarship Fund.

Below is a list of current Leonardo Society Members.

Leonardo Society Members

Greg and Tamara AltonenMichael Gausling
Scott and Julie AmbroseJohn F. Gross and Sandra Stahl
George and Judith ArangioKevin and Mary Ellen Hausman
Gladys BarclayJohn and Denise Jones
Joanne and Hank BarnetteLamont and Loretta Lashley
Todd Ackerman and Wendy BodyElizabeth Meade and Arturo Perez
Wendy and Ross BornRich Milker
Daniel and Jevata BosketEdwin and Anne Miller
Stephen and Marcella BreiningerJoseph D. Moore
Bob and Regina BrysonBridget O’Connell and Andy Twiggar
Fusun and Mike BubernackDr. Donald A. Outing, Ph.D.
Richard and Amy BucherGuido and Terri Pez
Greg L. ButzKelly and Tyler Rindock
Lee and Dolly ButzJoel and Beth Rosenfeld
Michael CaverlyAshley and Joe Russo
David and Pamela DeCampliSalim and Manal Salet
Amanda DegenhartMichael and Diane Salute
Kevin and MaryEllen DickeyNigel and Regina Sanders
Ted and Amy DouglassRex and Michelle Schultz
Doug and Valerie DowningFrank and Yvonne Schweighardt
Gene and Jane ErvinDr. Tom and Patricia Seidenberger
Arjana and Jeff EtchasonStephanie L. Sherry
Scott and Cathy FainorVince and Michelle Sorgi
W. Beall FowlerMike and Wendy Stoudt
Robert and Susan GadomskiCharlie Versaggi
Dawn and Brian GallagherGeorge and Karen White
Yan and Peihua GaoStephen P. Zieniewicz and Linda J. Hipps, M.D.

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