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B Braun Crowned Ice Cream Wars 12 Champions

The Da Vinci Science Center announced today that B Braun was crowned the Ice Cream Wars 12 champion. Team B Braun’s Ninja Turtle recipe tallied the most votes from the Ice Cream Wars crowd, and also won the Judge’s Choice Award from the Science Center’s Foodie Fan Panel.

The winning recipe was made from high quality ingredients including pistachio ice cream, Heath Bar, caramel, and fudge.

Nine teams competed for the hearts, minds, and taste buds of visitors, creating fresh batches of ice cream that were instantly frozen using liquid nitrogen at negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit. Teams provided over 12,500 servings of ice cream. “Ice Cream Wars showcases a love of sweet treats and a fun way to learn about science and art,” said Tyler Groft, Senior Manager of Museum Experience for the Da Vinci Science Center. “Visitors can sample flavors from local organizations, which showcase their creativity, innovative spirit, and passion for giving back to our community.”

When mixed with room-temperature ingredients, liquid nitrogen evaporates quickly and produces a smooth, creamy ice cream treat that is safe to eat in minutes, offering a tasty chemistry lesson for kids. The team from PPL finished second in the final standings. The Foodie Fan Panel presented a number of additional awards, including:

  • Judge’s Choice Award: B Braun, Ninja Turtle
  • Best Team Spirit: PPL, Centennial Crunch
  • Best in Science: Cedar Crest College, Franki Falcon’s Poppin’ Fudge Ice Cream (with homemade poppin’ rocks!)
  • Most Groovy: B104, Disco Party
  • Best Recipe Name: ATAS International, Inc., UnBEARably Chocolate
  • Best Oldie but Goodie: UGI, Banana Split
  • Most Festive: Highmark Blue Shield, Peppermint
  • Best in Crunch: St. Luke’s University Health Network, Sesame Street Treat
  • Most Unique Topping: WFMZ, C is for Cookie (with a cookie C on top!)

Ice Cream Wars, now in its twelfth year, is the ultimate ice cream taste-testing competition in which Lehigh Valley area organizations develop their own homemade ice cream flavors and then team up with Da Vinci Science Center educators to freeze the ice cream before your very eyes with the use of liquid nitrogen.

The Udder Bar on W. Allen Street in Allentown plans to sell the winning flavor for a limited time in March and donate 10% of sales to the Da Vinci Science Center’s Science Inquiry Fund. The donation will provide need and interest based scholarships for science education programs to underserved children throughout the Lehigh Valley. Ice Cream Wars 12 is presented by ATAS International, Inc., with support from PPL.