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Jul 22
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STEAM Student Scholarship Award Winner: Wenly Rodriguez Hiraldo

Wenly Rodriguez Hiraldo, 11th Grade 
Louis E Dieruff High School
Allentown School District

Wenly Rodríguez Hiraldo was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. She is 17 years old and feels extremely proud to be Dominican. Eight months ago, she moved from her native country and it has been a very big change for her, being Latina and arriving in a country where the culture is totally different from where you grew up is a very big shock and in the life of a young person, but everything with effort and dedication can be achieved. 

 In the Dominican Republic she studied at a technical school where she was studying nursing. She consider herself as a young woman who loves to participate in extracurricular activities, so she participated in: social studies olympiads, United Nations models in internal, district and regionals, speech contests, science fairs and a few other things. She really likes to always try to involve her friends and colleagues in the things she likes and shows them how fun and interesting they can be, so that they can also be a part of it.  

Wenly’s dream is to be a doctor, specifically to be a neurosurgeon and she is working to achieve it, she wants to carry the name of her country high and be able to achieve her goal.

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