H/STEAM Student Award Winner: Ellyn Wong

STEAM Student Award Winner: Ellyn Wong

Ellyn Wong, 10th Grade 
Nazareth Area High School 
Nazareth Area School District 

Ellyn Wong is a curious honors-level student with a passion for learning and applying her knowledge to the world. She enjoys working with diverse groups to achieve common goals and challenging herself by exploring new ideas, going out of her comfort zone. She aspires to pursue a future in sustainable engineering. In her application, Ellyn described STEAM as a big sister – helping her explore her curiosity about the world and guiding her in her studies. She wrote, “Even though the future is unknown, I do know that STEAM will always be by my side motivating me to keep looking for solutions.” 

Ellen is co-president of the Teen Advisory Board for the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity, a member of the Recycling Club, Science Olympiad, Victaulic Explorer Program and University of Toronto: 3D Modeling for Ocean Clean-Up. She’s also training a puppy to become a seeing eye dog. 

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