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H/Summer Camp Policies

Summer Camp Policies

Below please find important Da Vinci Science Center Summer Camp policies and procedures.

Behavior Policy

Good behavior is a key component to a successful summer camp experience. In an effort to provide all campers with a safe and fun filled camp experience, it is important that all campers exhibit proper behavior and self-control. Campers are expected to respect their instructors, staff, and fellow campers at all times. Inappropriate, disruptive, and/or violent behavior while at camp will not be tolerated. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to: hitting, fighting, name calling, foul language, arguing, reckless endangerment, disrespectful actions, and stealing.  

Based on the behaviors occurring, the following actions may take place: 

  • Discussion of the disruptive actions with the child, staff person involved, and Camp Coordinator, followed by parental notification of disruptive behavior. 
  • Continued disruptions may result in a parent/ child conference with the Museum Experience Programs Manager and a behavior plan developed and agreed upon by all parties.  No more than 2 notifications/conferences will be allowed. 
  • Da Vinci Science Center reserves the right, upon notification of parents/guardians, to dismiss a student during any session for conduct that is deemed detrimental to the well-being of other students, staff, or to the overall operation of the camp. No refund/credit will be issued if your child is dismissed. 

Please note that this policy applies not just weekly, but to the summer as a whole.  If a student has multiple behavior incidents over the course of several camps, Da Vinci Science Center reserves the right to not allow continued participation in the remaining weeks of campAny remaining weeks that a participant is already registered for will be refunded upon request at that time. 

  • Registration can be cancelled/transferred with a full refund/no charge up to 30 days prior to the start of camp.
  • Cancellations made 15-29 days before arrival date: 50 percent refund
  • Cancellations made 14 days or less before arrival date: No refund

Refunds will be made to the card used for payment. 

Reservation adjustments: The Da Vinci Science Center understands that sometimes it becomes necessary to reschedule a summer camp session after your reservation has been made. The Science Center will be happy to accommodate a one-time reservation transfer at no cost if there is availability on the new date and the request is made 15 or more days before the start of the camp. Additional changes to the reservation date will incur a $75 processing fee.

Please note, no tuition adjustments or pro-rates will be made for participants who are only able to partially attend a camp program. If a child becomes ill prior to the start of a camp and can no longer attend, please notify our team. A camp transfer or credit to attend a future camp can be applied to the participant’s account. A credit can be done in the form of a gift card that can be used for Science Center admission or other programming.

It is imperative that camp participants are picked up during their camp’s pick-up window so that we can ensure the camp operation moves smoothly and in consideration of our staff members’ time.  Late fees will be invoiced to participants picked up outside of the pick-up window (no later than 12:10 for AM camp sessions and 4:10 for PM and Full-Day camp sessions). All late fees are required to be paid in full by the end of the camp week.

Fees associated with late pick-up are:

  • $5.00 per minute for the first 5 minutes
  • $10.00 per minute for each minute after the 5-minute mark

Da Vinci Science Center understands that sometimes campers benefit from the support of a certified behavioral aide.  If your child will be utilizing support staff during their camp program, please indicate so in their registration. Additional information will be required prior to the first day of camp for the certified behavioral aide to join:

  • A copy of the individuals’ clearances
  • Name of the institution for which the individual works

The certified behavioral aide assisting the camper will be required to wear their workplace’s badge while at camp for identification purposes.  While in our care, an aide cannot leave the camp setting with a child unless attended by a Da Vinci Science Center staff member.  Please note, a parent/guardian cannot attend in place of a certified behavioral aide.

I/We (parent/guardian), also to hereby authorize the staff of the Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology, Inc. (or “Da Vinci Science Center”) to act on my behalf, in lieu of my absence to make such decisions, in seeking medical treatment or medicine for my child during any camp activity.  I acknowledge that these actions will occur only after being contacted by and speaking with the Program Manager, Museum Experience.  We have carefully read this release prior to its execution and I/We fully understand its content. 

I/We, being the parents(s) or legal guardian(s), understand that the Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology, Inc., (or “Da Vinci Science Center”) takes reasonable precautions to insure that its activities are conducted by qualified personnel in a safe and responsible manner. 

However, I/We further understand that these activities involve certain risks and exposures, which may include but are not limited to: Chemicals, soldering irons, hammers, nails, manual saws, hot glue guns, power drills, jig saws, exhibits, plants, insects, animals, and weather conditions. I recognize these risks and agree to an assumption of them by allowing my child to attend the Da Vinci Science Center Summer Camps and participate in these programs. 

I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the Da Vinci Science Center, its officers, trustees, agents, and employees from and against all losses, claims, actions, costs, expenses and/or damages, including attorney and medical fees, arising out of my/our child’s participation in the Da Vinci Science Center’s Camp or sponsored trips/activities, their related risks, whether arising from an act or omission, negligent or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law, except for the willful misconduct or gross negligence on part of the Da Vinci Science Center. 

Permission is granted for my child to participate in the Da Vinci Science Center’s Program and I understand, that by signing this form, I am voluntarily and knowingly accepting responsibility for my child’s participation in the Da Vinci Science Center program and its related risks.