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Summer and Day Camps

The Da Vinci Science Center offers week-long day camps in the summer and single-day camps during holiday breaks. Young people enjoy a world of playful hands-on adventure that inspires campers to think creatively, be curious, and learn through their own observations and discoveries.

Summer Camp

Week-long Summer Camp sessions take place from the third week in June through the third week of August. These camps are for boys and girls entering preschool – grade 8. Morning sessions are held Monday – Friday from 9 a.m.-noon, and afternoon sessions are held Monday – Friday from 1-4 p.m. There is no camp July 2-6 due to Independence Day.

The science center provides early morning care from 7:30-9 a.m., and extended care from 4-5:30 p.m. for $50 each. Morning and afternoon snacks can be added for an additional charge.

There is a $10 early bird discount from March 1-31 by using the code EARLY. Da Vinci Science Center members receive a $15 discount by using the code MEMBER. Only one discount can be used, and membership must still be active through the dates of the camp.

2018 Camp Descriptions and Prices


Animals Around the World

August 13-17
or August 20-24

(Grade PreK-K: 9 a.m.-noon; $155): How can some animals survive in the cold Antarctic, and others in the hot Sahara Desert? Why do some animals blend into their environment, and others have bright, beautiful colors? In this camp, learn about how animals have adapted to survive in the wildest habitats around the world.

animal detectives 2

Amazing Adventures

August 20-24

(Grade 1-8: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $395): End the summer with a bang in a week long, fun-filled, “Amazing Adventures” camp. The adventures are derived from a week of traveling across the surrounding counties to exciting destinations. As part of the multiple trips the students will experience situations that will test their ability to work as a team all while expanding their scientific knowledge, and honing their problem solving abilities.


Amusement Park Physics

July 9-13
or July 16-20

(Grade 3-4: 9 a.m.-noon; $195 with ticket; $155 without ticket): Discover the physics behind the fun. Investigate the ups and downs of Newton’s Laws of Motion, design a roller coaster and build devices to measure the forces of amusement park rides. Spend one day (9 a.m.-4 p.m.) at Dorney Park testing several of its world-class rides and coasters.

Summer camp 1

The Art of Science

June 18-22
or June 25-29

(Grade PreK-K: 9 a.m.-noon; $155): We’re taking the Art of Science camp experience and shrinking it for little ones. Come learn about how we use basic science concepts to make beautiful art, and how art and creativity inspire science. Colors, math, and different art media are all combined into one great week.

generic camp 3

Chemical Chaos

July 23-27
or July 30-August 3

(Grade 1-2: 9 a.m.-noon; $155): What happens when…? What if we mix…? If you often ask questions like these, then this is the week of chemical activity for you. Discover chemistry in a whole new way by becoming a scientist and designing your own experiments.


Claws and Paws

June 18-22
or June 25-29

(Grade 1-4: 1 p.m.-4 p.m.; $175): A camp designed for animal lovers…but really, who doesn’t love animals? Get ready to investigate different animals, some of their special adaptations, and the care necessary to keep them healthy. Highlights include a field trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo and a visit from The Wildlands Conservancy with some exotic animals.

Children are learning to dig for fossils of dinosaurs.


Grades 1-2:
July 9-13
or July 16-20

July 30-August 3
or August 6-10

(9 a.m.-noon; $155): Believe it or not, dinosaurs did not just live in the Jurassic period. Learn all about dinosaurs and the millions of years they roamed the Earth. How can we study them, and what do we have yet to learn? We will take a walk to Cedar Creek to search for fossils and learn how they are formed.


Electronics Playground

July 23-27
or July 30-August 3

(Grade 3-4: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $360): Lights, music, fun! Combine coding and engineering to create several different electronic projects. Each camper will get a circuit playground, an all-in-one pocket electronic board with lights and sensors built in. Campers will learn programming using block programming and real hardware. This is a full day camp and includes a materials fee for the circuit playground and other electronic parts.

scratch video game

Little Coders

July 9-13
or July 16-20

(Grade PreK-K: 9 a.m.-noon; $155): Does your little learner love playing with technology and exploring the latest apps? Help them to prepare for life in the 21st century as we investigate computers, complete coding challenges, and program robots. This week, we’ll engage in a healthy mix of on-screen and “unplugged” activities that develop your child’s problem-solving skills and build a strong foundation for their high tech future.

2016-07-22 13.26.44

Machines & Robots

June 18-22
or June 25-29

(Grade 1-2: 9 a.m.-noon; $155): Come explore machines and robots. Examine the function of different simple machines including ramps, levers, and wheels. Learn about basic electronics, and use these skills to build an art bot. Then explore the operation of robots with ozobots and cubelets.


Mini-Medical School II

July 23-27
or July 30-August 3

(Grade 5-8: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $350): Presented by St. Luke's University Health Network, Mini-Medical campers will continue their exploration and understanding of the human body through investigating the systems of the body with our SynDaver (synthetic cadaver), which is presented in partnership with Highmark Blue Shield. Plenty of new topics will be covered along with a new hands-on rat dissection. A trip to St. Luke’s Hospital will provide a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the medical field and our campers will learn about emergency medicine through a visit from Cetronia Ambulance Corp.


Mission Milky Way

July 23-27
or July 30-August 3

(Grade 1-2: 1-4 p.m.; $155): Campers will take a “journey” through the Milky Way Galaxy and complete a travel guide along the way. The explorers will discover what it is like to live in space and eat like an astronaut. Along the way, they will use their imaginations to create their own aliens from faraway planets, make candy comets, and discover why Pluto is no longer considered a planet. This session is truly an out-of-this-world adventure.

2016-07-22 13.28.26


August 6-10
or August 13-17

(Grade 5-8: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $450): Explore robotics by building and programming multiple different types of robots. Create a basic remote controlled robot and play a game of soccer. Learn about infrared sensors and have your robot traverse a maze. This is a full day camp and includes a materials fee for a Rokit Smart 11 in 1 programmable robot kit which you will keep.

generic camp 5

My Earth is Green

July 23-27

(Grade PreK-K: 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m.; $155): Green is good. Earth is good. So a green Earth must be a really good Earth. Campers discover that “green” is more than a color and why it is important. This session is presented by Community Services for Children.


Planet Hunters

July 9-13
or July 16-20

(Grade 5-8: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $310): What lies beyond our solar system? Could there be life on another planet? Explore these ideas and more in a camp where you are the astrophysicist. Get your feet wet by taking a virtual reality tour of the solar system, and finding your way around the sky. Play planet detective using the techniques scientists use to find planets outside the solar system … a.k.a. exoplanets. Discover what an alien landscape might look like, and how many shadows you may have on another planet.



July 9-13
or July 16-20

(Grade 1-4: 1-4 p.m.; $155): Explore the boundaries of reality. What’s real? What could be real? How would we find out? In science fiction camp we will be looking at things from urban legends to mysterious animals to aliens and beyond. Bring your imagination to this camp, you will find that sometimes science works to make what we dream of a reality.

DSC Summer Camp

Structure and Sculpture

June 18-22
or June 25-29

(Grade 5-8: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $335): Enter a world where science and art collide. Campers will take a hands on approach to learning how science can be combined with art through sculpture, mold making, and metal working. This full day camp is for all experience levels, and will include a field trip to a local studio.


Superhero Science

August 6-10
or August 13-17

(Grade 1-4: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $385): It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s superhero camp! Come explore how our favorite superheroes use their powers and recreate them with science. Together we’ll make glowing kryptonite slime, super gadgets, and defeat villains all with the help of science. Super highlight: camp includes a bus trip to iFLY where the campers will experience the power of flying. No planes, no ropes, just flying on the wind like a true superhero.

Video Game


June 18-22
or June 25-29

(Grade 3-4: 9 a.m.-noon; $175): Come smash rocks, create structures, play with water flow, and turn raw materials into needed survival supplies. If you like a certain game where everything is made out of different kinds of blocks, this camp is for you. This includes plenty of programming time as well as real-world experiences. We’ll also take a trip to the Columcille Megalith Park to see how boulders become buildings.




Camp Reservation and Refund Policies

  • Cancellations made 21 or more days before arrival date: Full refund minus $25 processing fee
  • Cancellations made 8-20 days before arrival date: 50 percent refund
  • Cancellations made 7 days or less before arrival date: 25 percent refund
  • Reservation adjustments: Da Vinci Science Center understands that sometimes it becomes necessary to reschedule a summer camp session after your reservation has been made. The science center will be happy to accommodate a one-time reservation change at no cost if there is availability on the new date. Additional changes to the reservation date will incur a $25 processing fee.

School’s Out Day Camps

Single-day Holiday Camp sessions take place in the fall, winter, and spring and are available for boys and girls in grades K-5. Each day will be filled with fun, hands-on holiday-themed science experiments and memory-making experiences.

Save $5 on every Day Camp when you register for more than one during the same transaction!

More Bugs Galore- Friday, March 30

Get ready to bug out! Explore the fascinating world of bugs, insects, and everything in between. Take an up-close look at their appearance and habitat during hands-on activities. See more

Flora & Fauna- Monday, April 2

Plants and animals and science, oh my! Learn about how plants and animals adapt and survive in their unique environments by conducting experiments. See more

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