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Da Vinci Science Center Unveils Plans for Lehigh Valley Health Network My Body Exhibit

Signature experience will help visitors celebrate the human body, explore how it works, and consider how to keep it healthy

Contact: Caroline Scutt,

ALLENTOWN, PA. April 19, 2022 – The Da Vinci Science Center announced today that Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) will be the title sponsor of the LVHN My Body experience in the new Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion on Eighth and Hamilton streets in downtown Allentown. 

Science Center Executive Director and CEO Lin Erickson and Brian A. Nester, DO, MBA, President and CEO, Lehigh Valley Health Network, shared details of the collaborative partnership designed to present the often-intimidating concepts of anatomy, physiology, health, medicine and medical technology through a series of fun, inviting and memorable experiences that provide personal perspectives on what it means to care for our health

“We are thrilled to partner with Lehigh Valley Health Network to inspire every visitor to live their healthiest life and have the most fun with science while learning about health and medicine,” said Erickson. “The Science Center and LVHN share a commitment to scientific literacy and health education, both of which are now more important than ever. We are excited about collaborating with members of LVHN’s professional staff to incorporate the latest technology and advances in patient care into the exhibit experience.” 

The Lehigh Valley Health Network My Body exhibit will be a signature experience within the new Science Center in downtown Allentown. The exhibit is organized around key themes that act as portals to help visitors see the uniqueness of their body, explore how it works, and consider how to keep it healthy. As visitors wander through the exhibit, they will encounter interactive, hands-on exhibits, media displays and physical models that illuminate a variety of health and body-related topics.  

The partnership represents a major commitment by both the Science Center and LVHN to invest in scientific literacy and health education. Da Vinci Science Center exhibit developers will work collaboratively with LVHN clinical and education staff to integrate LVHN research, clinical and education programs into Science Center exhibits and programs. The LVHN My Body exhibit will showcase the latest advancements in health care and medicine, and highlight career pathways for high-quality STEM jobs within rapidly expanding health care companies throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Nester reinforced the power of partnerships and noted that the Da Vinci Science Center’s vision to be a community-based science center aligns well with LVHN’s mission to care for the community. “LVHN is committed to the communities we serve, and that commitment is demonstrated through our partnerships. When we learned about the Da Vinci Science Center’s plans to construct an impressive new facility, we saw it as an ideal opportunity to support our soon-to-be downtown neighbors and as a distinctive way to invest in science education and community health,” explained Nester.  

MKSD Architects have specifically designed the new Science Center facility to showcase two unique visitor experiences based on the human body: a larger-than-life immersive model that will provide visitors with an opportunity to walk, climb and crawl through the human body and a grand courtyard capable of displaying large-scale multimedia programs that will animate the human body and inspire visitors’ curiosity about science, art and invention. 

“The new Da Vinci Science Center will make a bold and iconic statement within the urban fabric of our downtown Allentown area. It will be an inspiring and interactive showcase, hosting an environment where kids can flex their curious minds and their muscles,” explained Silvia A. Hoffman, architect and partner at MKSD. “The building, its spaces and exhibits work together synergistically to create an engaging and unique experience for the residents of Allentown and visitors from beyond, of all ages and backgrounds. Each space, from the Science Theater to the STEAM Learning Center, will provide opportunities for engagement, inspiration, fun and learning. MKSD and all our design and construction partners are very honored to be part of this pivotal project that will benefit our community.” 

The Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion will be three stories with over 30,000 square feet of exhibit space, triple the space of its current Cedar Crest facility. The new Science Center will build on its existing reputation as a regional leader in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) education serving youth, families and schools throughout the greater Lehigh Valley and beyond, as well as a key contributor to the local and regional economy both directly and indirectly by helping to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers, scientists, innovators and programmers.  

The reimagined space will engage visitors through distinct yet interrelated experiences that take inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s way of seeing the connections between and the possibilities within everything around him. Visitors of all ages will be immersed in experiences ranging from exploring the inner workings of the human body to the interconnectivity of humans with the natural world. Groundbreaking is April 22, 2022, with the Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion to open in spring 2024. To learn more and access more renderings, visit

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